The United Nations have released an impressive 168 pages report with a new combined perspective on how to tackle the environmental problem. It is called “Making Peace with Nature“, and subtitled “A scientific blueprint to tackle the climate, biodiversity and pollution emergencies”

The report “presents a scientific blueprint for how climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution can be tackled jointly within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals”, according to Ivar A Batle and Robert T Watson, report leading experts.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a news briefing Thursday presenting the report: “For too long, we have been waging a senseless and suicidal war on nature,”…”The result is three interlinked environmental crises: climate disruption, biodiversity loss and pollution that threaten our viability as a species.”

 Inger Andersen, executive director of the United Nations Environment Program, added “”We are destroying the planet, placing our own health and prosperity at risk”.

Despite agreed objectives by nations, we are undoubtedly far from meeting these objectives. Action needs to be taken.

The report by the UN “serves to translate the current state of scientific knowledge into crisp, clear and digestible facts-based messages that the world can relate to and follow up on.”

You download the full report here Making Peace With Nature report pdf .

Making Peace With Nature


image source: pixbay