Organic make-up is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the products many women use for their skin every day. Makeup often contains chemicals that can irritate the skin, but certified organic products avoid parabens and other commonly used preservatives.

Certified organic products are also ethically purchased and produced, and often free of animal testing, making them a little expensive, but a better investment in the long run for yourself and the environment.

We have listed 8 certified products:

  1. Odylique Essential Care Organic Mineral Lipstick:

Organic and vegan, – this long-lasting formula does not dry out the lips, thanks to the main moisturizing ingredients: shea and jojoba butter. Unlike some lipsticks that leave the familiar lines around the mouth. Our favorite is “Fig Fondant. The color complements fuller lips and complements smokey eye make-up for an evening look.

Certified by the Soil Association

2.  Inika Certified Organic Liquid Foundation:


This foundation is ideal for most people looking for full coverage. Made from 76 percent certified organic ingredients. It has a creamy consistency, but settles quickly, so be sure to work it out quickly in the face. The formula ensures even coverage and holds well under pillows.

Certified by OFC Australia

3.  Inika Mineral Foundation Powder:


The certified vegan pillows are thick and ensure excellent coverage, sit evenly on top of your foundation or simply as pillows. It also comes with an SPF15 for those who are looking for make-up for use in warmer climates. Inika pillows and foundation work well together and create a nice finish for a more polished look.

Certified by OFC Australia

4.  Ilia Radiant Translucent Powder:


This pillow is a great choice for summer as it has SPF 20. It is made from 40 percent organic ingredients applied via a soft vegan synthetic twist-up brush that does not irritate the skin. This design makes it a compact tool that can be easily stored in handbags.

Certified by USDA Organic

5.  Green People Mineral Powder Blush:


Easy to apply and the deep colors highlight cheekbones and compliment paler skin tones. Talcum-free formula makes layering easier and is suitable for those prone to eczema and acne. It also has SPF 15, which provides extra protection for sensitive skin and comes in two shades: Rose and Peach.

Certified by ECO CERT Organic

6.  NATorigin lengthening Mascara:


This hypoallergenic mascara separates the lashes evenly and lengthens them at the same time, resulting in a natural look. The brush is slim and elegant, which makes it quick and easy to use. It is a good choice for those with sensitive eyes and contact lenses-users as the natural ingredients do not cause irritation.

Approved by Allergy UK and certified by Ecocert Greenlife

7.  Lavera Natural Mousse Foundation:


A very light, creamy formula that gives a lighter texture. This foundation sits well on oily skin and creates a matte finish. The formula is easily applied using fingers, making it a great choice for those who want a refresh during the day. It is available in three shades: ivory, honey and almond.

Certified by BDIH

8.  Vapor Stratus Instant Skin Perfector:


At the slightly more expensive end of the scale, however, this primer is sluggish in use. The waxy stick glides easily over the skin to create a dewy, radiant glow and can be worn alone for a natural look. The ingredients are 70 percent organic and 30 percent minerals and essential oils.

Certified by the Organic Trade Association

Author: Ecolove Editors

Source: The Independent