How can Pilates improve our Wellness?

Pilates was developed in the early 20th by Joseph Pilates, a german physical trainer who grew up as a weak boy, and set his mind to overcome this physical weakness through a revolutionary technique.

His training method was originally based on 6 main aspects that then increased over the years to currently 9:

  • Breathing
  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Centering
  • Flow
  • Postural Alignment
  • Precision
  • Relaxation
  • Stamina

It’s main purpose is to strengthen the core of the body, consisting of the muscles of the abdomen, low back and hips, allowing for better postures and increase of body control.

Pilates is currently a popular technique practised all over the world, in some aspects similar to Yoga, although different in the exercises and method.

It can help improve Muscle Tone, Posture, Balance, Joint Mobility, and is also good (as all sports) to release stress and tension.

The Method:

There are two main types of exercises, the Mat Work and the Apparatus. Pilates had designed more than 500 exercises, of which 34 where mat work, which includes different gear, some of it traditional pilates such as magic circles or hand weights and some external gear.

Magic Circle
Hand Weighs

For the Apparatus work, Pilates designed some special gear, such as such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel.

Pilates reformer
Pilates Chair
Piltes spine corrector

The typical Pilates class is about 60 minutes. For matt work, group classes are good, for apparatus, it is recommended one-to-one lessons to make sure it is done properly.

Ready to give Pilates a try?